47 Trendy Ways To Remake Your Old Clothes!

After months and months of life upheaval, I think we all have some clothes that just don't fit anymore. Our jeans are mysteriously getting too small.. at least mine are. And let's face it, styles and tastes change over time. But, you don't have to throw those boring old clothes away! Here's 47 ways to transform your ill-fitted clothes into pieces that you'll love again.


1. No Sew Sweater Transformation

Take a plain old boring sweater and add cording with fabric glue to get an instant designer look.

2. Get The Prep Aesthetic

Make patches with felt and add them to an old sweater to create a preppy vibe.

black woman with curly natural hair wearing denim top

3. Denim Bandana Top

If you've cut off jeans to make shorts lately, use the leftover legs for this super cute top. If you like to sew, there's a version for you as well.

4. One Sleeve Side Tie Tee

Here's a scissors only way to transform a regular t-shirt into something super sexy, perfect for a night out.

5. Ruffle Bottom Ringer Tee

Give a plain old t-shirt some pizazz and make it adjustable by adding a ruffle to the bottom using scissors only.

6. Halter Tee With A Twist

Create amazing interest with this shoulder slit halter neck tee. And if you're feel saucy, wear it off the shoulder.