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47 Trendy Ways To Remake Your Old Clothes!

After months and months of life upheaval, I think we all have some clothes that just don't fit anymore. Our jeans are mysteriously getting too small.. at least mine are. And let's face it, styles and tastes change over time. But, you don't have to throw those boring old clothes away! Here's 47 ways to transform your ill-fitted clothes into pieces that you'll love again.


1. No Sew Sweater Transformation

Take a plain old boring sweater and add cording with fabric glue to get an instant designer look.

2. Get The Prep Aesthetic

Make patches with felt and add them to an old sweater to create a preppy vibe.

black woman with curly natural hair wearing denim top

3. Denim Bandana Top

If you've cut off jeans to make shorts lately, use the leftover legs for this super cute top. If you like to sew, there's a version for you as well.

4. One Sleeve Side Tie Tee

Here's a scissors only way to transform a regular t-shirt into something super sexy, perfect for a night out.

5. Ruffle Bottom Ringer Tee

Give a plain old t-shirt some pizazz and make it adjustable by adding a ruffle to the bottom using scissors only.

6. Halter Tee With A Twist

Create amazing interest with this shoulder slit halter neck tee. And if you're feel saucy, wear it off the shoulder.

7. DIY Cow Print Jeans

Achieve a cow print or any other creative design with simply a paint brush and fabric paint.

8. Turn Your Pants To Joggers

Here's a great way to update a pair of track pants or really any pants by simply adding elastic to the hem. You don't even need a sewing machine for this one.

9. Scarf Top Hack

Have you seen this viral scarf top that everyone's wearing? I love that it can even be layered for the winter. You can create this look without any effort at all.


10. Cut Out Front Fitted Tee

Bring your old t-shirt into the age of GenZ with a chest cut out. And this way you can control the size of the cut out.

11. Open Back Tie Cut Out Tee

Here's another way to add the spice back into your wardrobe. Cut out the back of an old t-shirt and add a tie cinch it for an instant snatched effect.

12. Circle Chest Cut Out T-shirt

There's a ton of trendy cut out tees, but this is the classic adding instant interest.

13. 80's Sweater

Give your forgotten sweaters an 80's revamp.

14. Exposed Seam Turtleneck

Transform an ill-fitting, drab turtleneck into an alluring new closet staple with this exposed seam detail.

15. Laced Side Hoodie

Here's a new take on a winter basic! Cut the sides and add grommets and ties to turn this hoodie into the perfect laying piece for summer and winter.


16. Half & Half Puff Sleeve Blouse

Outstanding style has interest and this upcycle with bring uncomplicated interest to your work basics. Cut two contrasting button-down shirts in half and connect them for a totally charming new look.

17. Bishop Sleeve French Cuff Blouse

This has to be one of my most worn upcycles! Adding grand puff sleeves and French cuffs to a humdrum men's dress shirt delivers whimsy up the wazoo.

18. How To Make Mutton Sleeves

Yes, it sounds like a cooking reference! But, if you want to add just a tough of drama to your dull tops this is definitely the remake for you.

19. Backless Puff Sleeve Dress

Can you image turning a pleated skirt into a backless dress with dramatic sleeves? Well, I did it and you can, too.

20. Convertible Wrap Top

Is it the gorgeous OR-ANGE, the scrunchie straps, or the fact that you can wear this top 4 different ways?


21. Blazer Romper

Get fun, flirty, and ready for fall by uniting your favorite autumn staples. You just can't go wrong with a standout blazer hoodie combo that leaves room for your legs to breathe.

22. DIY Wide Leg Pants

Get the Michelle Obama inaugural look! Turn an out-dated vintage suit into wide leg pants and style it with monochrome pieces.

23. Plaid Maxi Skirt

Charming layers and delicious volume are on the menu for fall. Reuse a bunch of plaid button-down shirts to create with maximum chic maxi skirt.

24. How To Make Sweater Mittens

Worn-out sweaters make the best mittens! They're easy, warm, and cozy; the perfect remedy for a cold winter outing.

25. Ruffle Color Blocked Mini Dress

Psst...Raid your man's closet for different colored dress shirts and these bold quirky layers will have his head spinning!

26. Cropped Wrap Blouse

If you're adventurous and want the designer look on a budget, transform a man's leisure shirt into a cropped wrap blouse that reveal just peek-a-boos of mid-drift.


27. Teddy Tote Bag

Create your own Marc Jacobs inspired teddy tote bag in any color this season.

28. Adidas Levis Backpack

Jean scraps don't ever have to go to waste! Try combining them with a streetwear classic like Adidas track pants to create the backpack of your dreams.


29. Distressed Jeans

Here's my secret to the easiest way to distress jeans hands down.

30. High Cuff Jeans

Roșie Riveter wasn't just strong. She had the perfect jeans. Learn how to create a high cuff jeans even when your jeans are not long enough to cuff.

31. Fringe Side Jeans

Fabulous frills aren't just for dresses. Add distressed frills to the sides of your jeans and you're guaranteed to want to dance.

32. Embroidered Jeans

With just a little creativity and this one simple embroidery trick you can refashion your jeans into an ornate work of art.

33. How To Dye Jeans

Colored denim is gaining popularity again, but you don't have to run out and buy it. Just grab a bottle of your favorite color Rit Dye and old jeans.

34. Ruffle Flare Denim Shorts

Maybe your jeans are too big or you were able to snag some vintage goodies from your grandpa's attic. Take in too big jeans by creating this intriguing ruffle effect. Extra points for moving the pockets.

35. How To Take in Jeans

Here's another stunning way to take in too big jeans, plus tips on how to get this same look for my plus-size and no-sew babes.

36. How To Make Skinny Jeans Wide Leg

I never really loved skinny jeans, so I'm elated that their not the "it" jeans anymore. But, should we just toss them aside? No, easily turn them into straight or wide leg jeans. As a bonus, I'll share this hidden gem on how to make them bell bottoms.

37. Criss Cross Cut Out Jeans

I'm not tall, but my legs are long which means I can almost never find jeans that are long enough. My heart goes out to you tall girls! Here's a spectacular way to add length and character to your favorite jeans.

38. Asymmetrical Denim Skirt

Let's give positively funky with this out-of-the-box asymmetric jeans to skirt conversion. And if you want to tone it down a bit, use the same technique to simply transform your old jeans into a mini skirt.

39. How To Upsize Too Small Jeans

Let's just be honest. Most of us have jeans that are too small. But, it's okay because where there's a BlueprintDIY tutorial, there's a way to make those jeans fit.


40. Upsize a Blazer

If freshman gain 15, how much do you gain from having to go back into the office? If you blazers won't button, I've got you covered with this handy yet versatile no-sew trick.

41. Take Out a Too Small Shirt

Is your blouse bulging at the buttons? Here's a no-sew way to alleviate the button strain and feel comfy at work.

42. Upsize Pants Waist

For pants that fit in the waist, but just won't button here's a simple no-sew hack.


43. Ribbed Knit Skirt & Crop Top

Lately, I've been completely in love with matching sets! However, they can get pricey when you're trying to steer clear of the fast fashion giants, like Shein and Zara. So here's a way to thrift flip a dreary set in just a few steps.

44. Ribbed Biker Short & Bra Top Set

No matter whether it's for work-out or leisure, a good biker short bra top combo is a wardrobe must. Why not make your own using a discarded ribbed sweater?

45. Patchwork Matching Jogger Set

Opposites do attract, when you DIY. Here's a way to use different color sweatshirt and jogging pants to create a matching jogger set.

46. Vintage Two Piece Swim Suit

Have you ever noticed that there are always a lot of identical uniforms being sold for super cheap at the thrift store? In reality, they're just fabric and a lot of it. I used a bunch of polo uniform shirts to make an adorable vintage inspired swim suit.

47. DIY Off Shoulder Ruffle Set

Just like I said, the thrift store has tons of identical uniform pieces. These pants were perfect to create a matching ruffle top and shorts set.

If you made it this far, you're the greatest! And if you don't have upcycle inspiration overload yet, here's a ton more ways to revamp your old clothes.

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