Best 5 Designer Pieces to Upcycyle This Spring!

Updated: Aug 25

As winter lingers on like a bad relationship, us fashionistas are longing for spring and summer. I LOVE designer fashion so I headed over to Net-A-Porter to see what luxury pieces would cure my blues. I found so many amazing pieces that would absolutely set my warm weather wardrobe up for instant success. However, as I try to make conscious fashion my first option these days I went to my closet to see which of these pieces I could make myself. Before you invest in new online goodies, check out my best 5 designer pieces to upcycle this spring and summer. Click here to watch video with tutorials and styling.

1. Steal Your Man's Dress Pants and Make them Fit!

I've been craving some high waist plaid pants like these by Gucci. I had thrifted these plaid men's dress pants (below) a while back for another project, but my YouTube subscribers convinced me to just turn these into women's pants... and by that I mean just take the pleats out and make them fit how I wanted them to.

Men's Wool Plaid Pleated Dress Pants - Thrifted $10

So, I completely took away the pleats while still keeping the pockets. Click the image to see the how-to video.