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How To Make A Cute Dress in 20 Minutes!

Going shopping for a dress would definitely take more than 20 minutes! But, this preppy drop waist ruffle dress is customizable and flattering on so many different body types. All you need is a couple men's dress shirts and basic sewing skills. Upcycling men's dress shirts is my handy little sewing hack that also saves the planet. You don't have to worry about patterns or complicated sewing skills. If you can sew straight (or mostly straight) then you can do this.

Looking for outfit ideas and shopping retail can be disappointing no matter whether you're plus size, tall, or petite. Remake your old clothes to be just as fun as you! Upcycling thrifted clothes to fit your size and personality is the epitome of designer sustainable fashion. Learn to sew or make trendy no-sew thrift flips with me, Angelina. Join my crew of refashion renegades on YouTube!

  1. Try on first shirt and mark at the largest part of your hips.

2. Cut the shirt 1/2" lower than where you marked.

3. Measure bottom of shirt down to how long you want the dress to be.

4. Optimally you'll be able to get two skirt lengths from one shirt. If not, use two shirts for the ruffle layer.

5. Cut one skirt length from the bottom of the second shirt. Mine is 12".

6. Cut straight up the sides to remove sleeves and cut another length from the top of the shirt.

7. Open up the bottom of the shirt by cutting it along the side seam.

8. Now lay all the pieces flat and connect them along the edges by laying them good side to good side and sewing the edges.

9. Now you should have a big tube. Add a gathering stitch along the top.

10. A gathering stitch is a straight stitch with the highest level stitch length and tension.

11. Sometimes your sewing machine will start to gather while sewing.

12. If not, pull the bobbin side thread gently to gather the fabric.

13. Turn the ruffle inside out and layer it over the end of the top shirt. Pin the ruffle to the shirt on each side.

14. Adjust the gathers to match the width of the shirt.

15. Sew the layers together.

16. Don't forget to change your stitch back to normal.

17. Finish the edge with an overlock stitch or on a serger.

18. Fold up the seam and add a top stitch.

19. Finish the bottom edge and turn under to hem. If you don't have a serger, add a double fold hem to the bottom edge.

The prep aesthetic vibe is perfectly adorable and the fact that it's fast and easy to make...WINNING! What do you think? Would you try this one.


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