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How To Style A Mini Dress

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Everything looks short when you have long legs, but let's be honest... this is barely dress length for me. But guess what? It's not stopping me! Here's some cute and practical tips for how to style a mini dress or skirt.

First, the dress! Where's it from, you say? Well, I made it of course and you'll never believe that it's just two old Hane's t-shirts that I thrift flipped with scissors. Yes, scissors only! "Don't believe me, just watch."

Tip One:

If your goal is to balance the amount of skin showing definitely wear some tall boots. These boots are perfect because they're meant to slouch so they can be worn at multiple heights. In the winter, I can also add tights for added warmth.

Tip Two:

Add biker shorts underneath. It'll help you to feel confident no matter what activities you need to do. I'm a mom of 3 so I need to be prepared for anything. I'm wearing cotton biker shorts here, but when wearing cotton like this t-shirt dress I suggest wearing something more sleek like these. I just got a few pair and I love them!

Tip Three:

To elevate the look, throw on a blazer. My top place to shop for blazers is the thrift store. You just can't beat the quality for the price, but this blazer is from Zara. It has a Chanel vibe and strong shoulders so it was well worth the cost because it'll really always be in style.

Tip Four:

Let's get into this bag! I love a good structured statement handbag. This one is by Brandon Blackwood and it sets this whole outfit up for success.

And of course I won't gatekeep the added little details of earrings, smartwatch, and lip stick.

Looking for outfit ideas and shopping retail can be disappointing no matter whether you're plus size, tall, or petite. Remake your old clothes to be just as fun as you! Upcycling thrifted clothes to fit your size and personality is the epitome of designer sustainable fashion. Learn to sew or make trendy no-sew thrift flips with me, Angelina. Join my crew of refashion renegades on YouTube!


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