12 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You're Sure To Find at your Thrift Store!

Updated: Aug 25

I love watching Spring Fashion Trend Hauls on YouTube! In 2019, I've found the trends particularly exciting because they range from bright monochrome looks to all beige, from animal prints to the resurgence of the classic Gucci printed blouse. However, I find myself a bit alarmed when I see really smart, talented women showing off trendy pieces that either cost a pretty penny or even worst were purchased at fast fashion retailers because I see the same pieces everyday at my local thrift store. If you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you. Here are 12 definitive spring 2019 fashion trends that you can totally score at your local thrift store.

Check out my #thrifthaul video at the end where I purposely went looking for #springfashion #trends and I found so many amazing items at my local thrift outlet for $2, yes $2 each.

1. Biker Shorts

This won't be adopted by everyone, but I'm all for anything that makes dressing up just a bit more comfy. I found this biker body suit at my local thrift outlet for $2 along with both blazers that I have paired with it. This trend has been gaining steam for a while, so I found this biker suit last fall and wore it with a wool blazer then, and with a yellow linen blazer for the Spring.