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Y2K Fashion Outfit Inspiration for 2022!

Early 2000s fashion is back and the best place to score some trendy pieces is the thrift store (or mom's closet). One of the most iconic pieces to me are the fitted sweaters and button ups. Here's a super simple and cheap way to get that look... or just take in a shirt that's a tad bit too bit.

Outfit Details

This sweater that I downsized was $1 at my local thrift outlet. I upcycled the skirt using old dockers work pants and the bucket bag was made with an old coffee can and thrifted belt. My thigh high socks are from Amazon and my boots are the Dr. Martens Audrick boots.

My dad gave me one of his dress shirts that were too small for him, so it was the perfect candidate for today's thrift flip. I paired it with boxer shorts from Rue 21, low rise distressed jeans from Zara, and diamante booties from Ego Official.

Looking for outfit ideas and shopping retail can be disappointing no matter whether you're plus size, tall, or petite. Remake your old clothes to be just as fun as you! Upcycling thrifted clothes to fit your size and personality is the epitome of designer sustainable fashion. Learn to sew or make trendy no-sew thrift flips with me, Angelina. Join my crew of refashion renegades on YouTube!


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