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How To Shorten a Jacket with a Separating Zipper...

Without taking it out of the jacket and sewing it back in!

how to crop a jacket
1. Mark how short you want the jacket to be.
how to cut a zipper
2. Cut the jacket an lower than where you marked if you plan to hem. If the edge will be raw, then cut where you marked.
how to repair a zipper
3. Use side cutters to carefully pry zipper teeth off of the zipper tape 3/8" above your mark.
replace zipper bottom box and pin
4. Apply Fray Check to the exposed zipper tape and let it dry completely.
zipper parts names
5. Find a new zipper box and zipper pin to match the original size.
fix a broken zipper
6. Trim any fray edges so the new pieces can attach smoothly.
fix a broken zipper
7. Add new zipper box and pin in the same way it was originally.
fix a broken zipper
8. Use the pliers to close the new zipper pin to the zipper tape.
zipper parts names
9. Put the new zipper box on as well.
shorten a jacket with a zipper
10. Test the new zipper parts to make sure they work.
zipper box stop retainer and zipper pin
11. Cut excess zipper tape.

Of course I had to style my new cropped denim jacket for you! Btw- I thrifted these jeans and took them in using the crossover method. (Tutorial here).

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