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The Best Sewing Machines in 2022!

There's nothing worse than getting a new sewing machine and finding out it just isn't what you thought it would be. Well, I'm here to help! I've spent my own money and tested a ton of sewing machines so you don't have to. Keep in mind that the best sewing machine is the one you'll use, but let's see if we can at least get you one that works well.

Best Sewing Mini Machine for Beginners!

Here are the ones I've tested.

1. Kylinton Mini Sewing Machine - $48 on Amazon

Pros: Has hand control, blind hem stitch, and button hole

Cons: The thread is hard to pull out and it can't sew through anything thicker than 2 layers of denim.

Specs: 12 stitches, bobbin winding, backstitch, uses metal bobbins, thread cutter on side

Pros: Better quality, has blind hem stitch, sews 4 layers of denim

Cons: Only sews one speed, doesn't have hand control

Specs: 32 stitches (kind of), bobbin winding, backstitch, comes with guard

3. Janome Easy-To-Use Portable - $70 on Amazon

Pros: stitches looked so good, comes in 8 colors, sews 8 layers of denim

Cons: no light, no hand control

Specs: 10 stitches, bobbin winding, backstitch, comes with safety guard

Pros: Has hand control, can use batteries, sews 4 layers of denim

Cons: Only one stitch, no backstitch, thread is hard to pull out

Specs: Straight stitch, bobbin winder

Pros: Has buttonhole, has hand control, sews 8 layers of denim

Specs: 12 stitches, backstitch, thread cutter on side

So, which one is best?

After analyzing the data, I have to give the title of best sewing machine to the Electric Portable Mini Sewing Machine. I think it's best for beginners because it has all the basics that a beginner (or someone with no other sewing machines) needs to do a basic sewing project start to finish. However, I have to give an honorable mention to the Janome Easy-To-Use because I really enjoyed sewing with it and I think it'll last longer than the others. It's a good option if you want something portable, but you still have another sewing machine to make buttonholes (preferably a one step buttonhole).

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